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What Is Bit2MusicToken & How To Use It. Views 4160

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Published on 03.04.2019 15:40

0.0283Each Token Redeem 1 Song - The Value of 1 song from Bit2Music Multi-Media is a Division of Bold n Boasy Entertainment out of Jamaica. For the best in Indie Music and Artistes, Reggae, Dancehall, SOUL, AFRO BEAT, R&B, Hip Hop & Rap. Buy music with Bit2MusicToken. Need to buy your Favourite Indie Icon and Upcoming Artistes Digital Download MP3 Music. Indie producer and artistes we will sell your music and you keep 100%. Latest albums available for Bit2Musicoin ...
You Can Advertise Here For Cheap From 0.001 Bit2Musicoin or $1.50 USD Up. Video Ads, Live Sports Stream, Music Video, Interview or Stage Show

Ways to claim Bit2MusicToken,
1. Subscribe to our website or channel. Get 0.002b2mt
2. Watch any video on our channels and leave your waveslite wallet address in the comment box. Get 0.005b2mt
3. Buy or Trade on WavesLite Platform.
The Bit2Musicoin branded Cryptocurrency can be traded for music in Bit2Music Music Store, other national currencies or even other assets.
4. Play Private Fantasy Sports and Win. No Limit Coin & Bit2MusicToken.
One (Single) Song by itself are taken for a EP or Album = 0.028.B2MT



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