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LORD of the FREAKS Official Trailer Views 819

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Published on 26.01.2023 22:48

"Lord of the Freaks” chronicles the bizarre enterprises of new media mogul and Coca-Cola bottling heir Alki David, aka ʻThe Eccentric Billionaire,ʼ a man whose extreme wealth and outlandish sensibilities have resulted in an array of absurd escapades. Thousands of hours of content, hundreds of famous and infamous celebrities and oddballs; a roller coaster ride on likely the most bizarre television station and media outlet in the world. As David and those who worked for him struggle to explain the “why” of it all, “Lord of the Freaks” allows his shocking exploits - from crucifying a man on live television to paying a man a million dollars to streak Barack Obama - a chance to speak for themselves. An ongoing story that continues today as Alkiʼs media empire continues to expand in new and strange directions. Where will it lead us? In the end, Alki puts it best: “Fuck knows.”



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