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audrey aka imsocronic76 the real cronic Vote:  

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Last upload 13.07.2013 20:29

this is my real page any other page is a poser not me please email me right away the only person i cant stand on this site is dj panz i will never troll anybody else or change my name at top on this page ever like some stupid troll did so knock it the f off i only have one i will cuss out in main and not even troll will always be from this page rite here because i really do not like that dude it"s not an act it"s personal :) mauahahaha all my pics are 100% me and are all over web due to being on tv twice and becoming an internet celeb back in 2006


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    audrey noland imsocronic76
    audrey noland imsocronic76
    audrey noland imsocronic76
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