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Firstname: yo!!!!!
Middlename (Nickname): DJ_www.q1ks1lv3r.com
Gender: Male
Birth: 08.05.1990
Country: US
Relationship Status: Cute relationship with cute chiiiiiick!!! Like madcows relationship. Madcow is my favorite broadcaster. Bish is chill and smart as fuck as well so....fuck all the haters that hate on her. Real talk!
About me: I love making people laugh and just having a great time in life, overall. I make businesses, merge businesses, do JVs, etc etc.

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ICQ UIN:-------
Skype name:Quicksilver333
MSN UIN:-------
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yo!!!!! DJ_www.q1ks1lv3r.com
yo!!!!! DJ_www.q1ks1lv3r.com
yo!!!!! DJ_www.q1ks1lv3r.com
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