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Firstname: GooGoogadget
Middlename (Nickname): Lowclas31
Lastname: Dick
Gender: Male
Birth: 01.03.1985
Country: US
City: Pomona
Relationship Status: Single
About me: On january 3rd a Northstar was born Conceived 4pounds 1 ounce prematurely at home in the 3100 abbott apartments inNorth pomona california Terry smith aka L.o.wc.l.a.s. was destined to be a fighter with many complications as a baby He proved that he was Ready to take on the world....Lowclas was introduced to music at a very young age by his grandparents who constantly played oldies,Blues,Gospel,& Rap music..Lowclas loved rap music Church allowed Lowclas to showoff his musical talent"s as well...Thats when he soon realized he had a gift & started utilizing it recording Himself rapping/Singing over cassette tapes to other rappers instruments...Lowclas went as far as Rapping in plays at school Lowclas would have dreams of becoming this BIG name rapper!Composing a beat verse"s & chrous in his head while sleeping he would awake and write it down exactly how he remembered these song"s in his dream..Lowclas started Getting in trouble Getting caught up in the system at the age of 14 thru 22 Lowclas went from juvenilehall,Bootcamp,Placement grouphomes,Cya,countyjail to state prison...Where he took on his name L.o.wc.l.a.s. (Loc"ed.Out.WestCoast.Lunatic.After.Success) Being that he was born in a lower-class environment his strive for success was nessary he soon vowed once realesed from prison 7/29/2007 to never forget where he came from Taking on the name L.o.wc.l.a.s. While most people overlooked it in a negative fashion lowclas knew the true meaning of the name...Shorting after his release Lowclas had two beautiful kids & formed a group Lost Emcees Consisting of 3 membersHis cousin"s Quincy Bush (Q-Macq) & Spencer Worthy (Soul Clepto)...The group put together an album Labeled Lost emcees-Deep Doing a few show"s here & there Lowclas did most of the album marketing online where he established most of his fan base seeing that the passion wasnt there amonst the group member"s Lowclas went solobut Finding work was difficult for lowclas he needed money to take care of his kids the rapping/singer wasnt paying the bills so he gave it up for while....But not for long soon after Lowclas started getting recodnitionas an artist collaborating with other artist Like Young Hyeenaz,Hard head,Lo key tha yg,Ryda slim,just to name a fewLowclas Influnces are God,Grandparents,City of Pomona,SugaFree,Kokane,AbovetheLaw,Pomona City Rydaz,All my music and every other artist music at www.candylandrecording.com use artist key LOWCLAS708

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Skype name:lowclas31
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GooGoogadget Dick Lowclas31
GooGoogadget Dick Lowclas31
GooGoogadget Dick Lowclas31
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