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Firstname: Psychic
Middlename (Nickname): PA-Onyx
Lastname: Astrologer of Beverly Hills
Gender: Male
Birth: -------
Country: US
City: Los Angeles
Relationship Status: Actively searching
About me: Throughout several years working with clients from different parts of the world, I discovered that it hadn"t mattered where the clients lived as much as it is a connection with the client that made the reading success! Entering into a field where most anyone will contact me via telephone and over the internet that is convenient for them because it does not require travel, usually set up their appointments through the contact form on my website. I discovered my life path is that for a psychic and astrological researcher. Today, it gives me joy to help clients every day in life! I have an unnumbered amount of success stories I share as testimonials, and these are plentiful! I work with people who are original (open minded) in their thinking and have plans on a mundane and spiritual level, so the kind of coaching required will need to be innovative. I specialize in the following areas of coaching Clairvoyance, Tarot Researching, and Horary Astrology, and Metaphysical (Holistic Coaching) Sciences! The special features of my coaching are healing, insight interpretation using intuitive abilities, and writing and discussions several stories of experience as a psychic-astrologer! Special benefits of my coaching to clients are in place to help assist along the journey, like, being able to contact me directly from my website. Once you have decided to work with me and become a client, I offer discounts on readings and services and deal breaking packages that require sensitive codes to process at checkout for upcoming visits! The information I share with any client is unique to the individual as each person will have their own unique and personal experience with me, when at that time everyone is welcome to write feedback and leave testimonials that will be visible for all visitors to the site! "Twitter: @ FilmOnLive and @BCPAOnyx! Instagram: @ bcpaonyx" I am Isaiah Reed (PA-Onyx) and “PA”, for the Psychic-Astrologer for FilmOn and Battlecam.com! I am a broadcaster and Host at the FilmOn studios. My shows feature answering questions as a psychic-astrologer host.

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ICQ UIN:-------
Skype name:isaiah.spirit
MSN UIN:-------
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Psychic Astrologer of Beverly Hills PA-Onyx
Psychic Astrologer of Beverly Hills PA-Onyx
Psychic Astrologer of Beverly Hills PA-Onyx
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