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Firstname: Casey
Middlename (Nickname): TheDramaTube
Lastname: Nunez
Gender: Male
Birth: 20.02.1964
Country: US
City: New Orleans
Relationship Status: Single
About me: Nunez first started acting as a child. His first role was that of King Midas. He later performed with the Royal Hanneford Circus for a number of years.According to Nunez, his imposing size also has helped him to land work.“Yes, my size has helped me beyond question. I am 6-foot-6, 265 lbs. at the moment,” he said. “My grandfather was a professional pitcher with the N.Y. Yankees (Walter ‘Jumbo’ Brown). During his time, he was the biggest player in the American League. I credit him with my size.”Aside from his size, another thing that makes Nunez stand out is his You Tube account, which he regularly updates with information about his current movie work — or life in general. Nunez said he created the You Tube account after an investigative report he did involving MySpace made national news.“My experiences at You Tube have not been a fun or easy ride,” he said. “I am, in fact, the most suspended user ever at You Tube.”The first time I heard of Nunez was when I viewed one of his videos at You Tube pertaining to his experience on the set of the movie “Dead of Night” this past spring. Kevin Munroe (the movie’s director) and Brandon Routh (the star of the movie) both made appearances in Nunez’s final video about his time on the set.Nunez had two roles in the movie: one as a ghoul bodyguard and the other as a fill in for the main killer — a tattooed zombie. Casey reported on a fan-based website — “Getting into the tattoo zombie suit took KY-Jelly applied to my arms and upper body as two men squeezed me into the suit.”Movie work is not always glamorous — especially for stand-ins, extras and bit players. However, shortly after he finished his stint on “Dead of Night,” Casey worked as a stand-in for Dolph Lundgren in the movie “The Expendables,” starring Sylvester Stallone.

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Casey Nunez TheDramaTube
Casey Nunez TheDramaTube
Casey Nunez TheDramaTube
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