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Firstname: ride
Middlename (Nickname): insaneGSXR600
Lastname: allday allnight
Gender: Male
Birth: -------
Country: US
City: highway fourtwenty
Relationship Status: In love
About me: ridin an insane GSX-R600 but, im in the hospital as of wed the 06-20-13 and will undergo treatment for brainstem glioma. its been fun tho BC. i may not be around much longer. thanks for the laughs and tears. sometimes laughing so hard I cried tears. i had a great life too. had a mom who loved me. made many friends, played the bass and "sometimes drums" in many clubs, on many stages all up and down the east coast in several rock bands that kicked fucking ass. had some amazing women in my dressing rooms AND on the bus. fell in love, got married. quit touring, opened a recording studio in my basement. needed a drummer so i grew one, a young son who is an awesome drummer already and to carry on my name. im lucky that God gave me him. sad that i will leave him before he gets old. he"ll be fine my wife is good to him and i made sure to put a LOT of what i did on digital media so he"ll know me and what i was about. i never cammed up because i dont need that kind of attention...or from what i"ve seen, that kind of hate. i became addicted to BC 2 years ago and have see so much. TY for that Alki, and the best to you and ur growing family. peace everyone

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ICQ UIN:-------
Skype name:catchmeifyoucan
MSN UIN:-------
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ride allday allnight insaneGSXR600
ride allday allnight insaneGSXR600
ride allday allnight insaneGSXR600
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